Coaching For Men

Whether you are single or in relationship, a young man experimenting or a mature man with experience ~ intimacy coaching can help you embrace your masculine essence and engage authentically and with mastery in all areas of your relationships. It’s a journey into self awareness ~ beginning with erotic embodiment.

When you feel confident in your body and reclaim your sensuality ~  that confidence radiates outward into all areas of your life!  Your health and vitality, sex and relationships, even career satisfaction and financial success will experience a radical transformation when you live life ignited by erotic embodiment.

Gaining control of the way you want to live takes real courage. Together we will explore and unlock the mysteries of intimacy with results-oriented experiential body-based practices to develop sexual mastery. You will learn how to cultivate ejaculatory choice, extend lovemaking and expand orgasm to your entire body, learning to stay present. Only when you are aware of your own body’s energy and sensation can you then track your partner’s pleasure.

The most important ingredient for a satisfying sex life is the ability to pleasure and satisfy your partner. It’s not how big, how often, or how long ~ it’s how good you both feel.  Together we’ll navigate the world of sexuality at every stage of a man’s journey ~ from early dating to later years.

We’ll uncover the mystery of what women really want. I’ll coach you not only to truly understand women, but help you build greater communication skills for deeper intimacy. You will learn how to win with women ~  by  magnetizing with your authenticity, exuding confidence and gaining insights into what makes her happy. You want to please your woman ~ because you were born to be her hero and provide every possibility for your lover.

Please your partner beyond her wildest dreams ~in the bedroom and beyond!


Transcend the ordinary and experience life changing results with experiential intimacy coaching


In Studio and Online Coaching