Coaching For Women

What would your life look like if you were emotionally and sexually empowered in your intimate relationships? What would it feel like to be a fully embodied, turned-on, vibrant, confident and passionate woman in every area of your life?

Discover how to cultivate a limitless power sourced from within ~ sourced from the Feminine ~ to create those things that matter most in your life ~ true love, intimacy, a sense of belonging and the ability to offer your unique gifts and talents to the world.

Communication and embodiment are the keys to expanding your capacity to live your best life ~ with every desire ready to be unleashed, celebrated and empowered. Imagine radiating your sensuality like a magnificent work of art ~ or a juicy, ripe peach dripping with nectar!


Women experience different emotional, physical and sexual stages of life. Each can be a celebration ~ memorable and magical.

Young women find challenges building their self-esteem and self-worth ~ and learning to accept and love their bodies. The mixed messages in our media compound the negativity surrounding women’s sexuality. For the young woman, this should be a period of experiencing desire and arousal as healthy, natural, and essential for her to thrive. With wise guidance, she can confidently navigate the world of dating, communication, boundaries, and exploring pleasure and intimacy with someone who is truly worthy.

The mature woman faces the multi-level challenge of juggling relationship, children & career. She might be married and in a sexual slump. Or a divorced single parent and exhausted. Or finding herself back in the dating world. That’s quite a balancing act at a time in her life where she wants to experience meaningful emotional and sexual relationships ~ and take sex to a higher level of intimacy.  At this point in her life, the mature woman is at her sexual peak ~ whether she feels it or not. She wants to be more sexually confident, juicy and adventurous ~ comfortable asking for what she wants, and not afraid to go after it. The mature woman is ready to reinvent her life and do the things she had previously only dreamt of !

The wise woman no longer has the responsibilities and obligations of family and child-rearing. She is post-menopausal and wanting her senior years to be just as enjoyable as her younger years. Among mature women who are healthy and active ~ sexual health continues well into their 80’s and most women are able to have pleasurable sexual intercourse and to experience orgasm for their entire lives. The wise woman never loses her desire to give and receive love if she has a positive attitude.  It’s the best prescription for a long, healthy and happy life. Wise women seek sexual pleasure more assertively and embrace eros for the first time in their lives as purely for themselves.

Whatever your stage of life, reclaim your power and experience profound transformation by accepting full responsibility for your own sexuality. This accountability begins with your relationship to self ~ with a focus on personal awareness and self love. How would intoxicating love for yourself affect your partner, your children, your family, friends and community?

Empowerment begins with getting in touch with your body, and then learning how to communicate your desires. Slow all the way down to savor and connect with what feels good ~ and raise your erotic potential.

What are your desires? Receive permission to ask for what you want ~ before, during and after sex. Asking for what you want in and out of the bedroom is sexy and empowering!  Learn how to direct sexual touch and express your emotional and physical boundaries. 

We’ll discover and unleash your inner seductress! Become the woman you were meant to be by accessing your own erotic resources and vitality!

Go ahead ~ Be unreasonable ; )

Transcend the ordinary and experience life changing results with experiential intimacy coaching ~ and reclaim your sensuality!



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