Many people find it challenging to identify and track their desires. Some of us have lost our desire altogether. This is a universal phenomenon ~ and a perfect opportunity to tune in to what you really want in your life, how to prioritize it ~ and manifest those desires into your life by establishing new patterns.  We don’t have to settle for less than what we know is a possibility. A whole world of desire waiting to be released from inside of you ~ and the possibilities are endless!  I am committed to help you access your desires and create radiance and vitality through all areas of your life. No one needs to feel like they got left behind. Desire and arousal are at our fingertips.


Physiologically, touch supports the flow of blood and lymph.  Massage can decrease blood pressure and heart rate.  Touch can soothe nerves and enhance relaxation.  Arousal may aid the production of endorphins — brain chemicals that kill pain naturally.   Healing touch affirms self-esteem, creates trust and openness, and may catalyze the release of blocked emotions as tense muscles relax.  Touch can help us feel valued, peaceful, and more aware of our body and being.

Physical Pain

The opportunity for healing through this practice is enormous. I create a safe and nurturing environment to facilitate a release of physical pain somatically from the body. If you suffer from post traumatic childbirth, hysterectomy, caesarean section, prostate surgery, circumcision or irritable bowel syndrome, I can help you by utilizing both pelvic release work and scar tissue remediation.


Emotional, physical and sexual trauma are stored in the body. My practice allows your body to experience a safe, accepting environment in which to finally have an opportunity to release the trauma. The results I have seen are phenomenal ~ absolute radical transformations. This is truly why I love this work!


As children we are born pleasure seekers. As we get older we learn to curb our pleasure. We are socialized through shame ~ if my pleasure is upsetting to others ~ maybe there’s something wrong with me. Shame separates and invites guilt to move in. We will explore a full range of pleasure sensations, reacquainting you to your amazing body. Even body image shifts during arousal. I help clients to love their bodies exactly as they are – through sensation. The journey of savoring sensation allows my clients to experience the full spectrum of embodiment.