“After several years in a sexless partnership and mostly unable to reach orgasm, I found The Art of Arousal website which led me to my appointments with Robyn.  Upon meeting Robyn, I was immediately struck by her knowledge, warmth, beauty and compassion, During the intake, her eyes welled up as I spoke of past traumas, and the connection I felt was visceral.  Through my somatic sessions with Robyn’s guided chakras breath techniques, I was transported  to a state of utter bliss so that I began to quiver in ecstatic pleasure from head to toe. It was an in-body, shapeshifting experience like no other — which culminated in a divine climax held by a tender and intuitive master practitioner. I’ve awakened a part of me that I had buried and thought was dead. Feeling alive, transformed and rejuvenated, my body is now connected. The benefits stay with me, opening and intensifying my intimate love making. So much to be thankful for. “

Kelly, 51, San Francisco 

“It may seem an exaggeration to say that my experiences with Robyn have been life-changing, but they truly have. I began seeing Robyn several months ago for an erectile dysfunction issue, really without any great expectations, but to my surprise and great joy, my sessions with her have opened up a whole new world of sexuality and sensation for me. Robyn is a consummate and compassionate professional and she has guided me into this new world with great gentleness, sympathy and understanding. As I have told her, following our sessions the sun is brighter, colors are livelier, music is sharper and my attitude towards those around me and life in general is much more positive. I consider myself truly fortunate to have found Robyn and to have had the opportunity to benefit from her skill and wisdom. My life is much better for it.”

Dan 53, Sonoma Co.

“I sought out Robyn as a Somatic Sexologist in my pursuit of sexual fulfillment and pleasure.  Through our continuing journey Robyn has guided me to deeper understanding of my own capacity for pleasure. She has taught me about energy flow in the body.   Using my own breath and her skills she has helped me achieve whole body pleasure at a depth I was not aware existed.  Her sessions include exposure to the intricate relationships among the chakras and the flow of energy throughout the WHOLE body. She has taught me how to channel my sexual energy and move that energy from one part of my body to another, extending pleasure for much much longer than my prior experiences. Our sessions have helped me achieve deep pleasure which has freed up my psyche to reach inner peace and acceptance of my personal situation.”

Mark,  East Bay

“I feel like I was swimming in my own sexuality without labeling it sexual. I felt like I connected with my essence – which I have been preparing for, for a long, long time. I feel forever changed.”

Irene 33,  Sonoma Co.

“The experience last Sunday was amazing. I was so proud of Barbara releasing her inhibitions and realizing there’s so much more we can learn from you. The result was Barbara achieving an orgasm for the first time in years.  Twice in one evening, Barbara experienced a feeling that has been foreign to her for years. We both want to learn much more from you. We are your students willing to surrender to your guidance.  We both trust you, and we hope our trust combined with your knowledge and tenderness will truly educate us in how we can pleasure each other beyond our present imaginations. We never dreamed that Barbara would experience an orgasm in less than a week of meeting you.  Her experiencing two orgasms within minutes of the other was a true awakening for both of us.  So we look forward to taking full advantage of our next three sessions with you to advance us well along the path for learning how to reach new heights in sensuality and sexual experience that will change our lives forever.”

Jim 42, Marin Co.

“I wanted to take the time to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the bodywork sessions you guided me through. I first turned to sexological bodywork not really knowing what to expect and I am forever grateful you were able to see me as a client. Through you, my life has changed. I so appreciate your caring and sensitivity along with your empathetic listening while I faced a difficult issue. I stand in awe of your ability to ‘read’ me beyond the words I shared and to intuitively know which direction to take my sessions. When I was confused you offered gentle wisdom. When I was anxious you guided me with encouragement and breath. Thanks to you, I have a greater relationship with my body, understanding of myself and renewed faith in my relationships. I love my new embodied self!”

Dr. Gayle  52, Vancouver

“I want to thank you ~ with your help, my life has been altered for the better.  I  have a lot more confidence in myself… I am believing in myself, and being myself, in a way I have not experienced before.   Almost immediately after working with you, I began to sleep straight through the night… for years before, I would get up 2-3-4 times each night to empty my bladder.  My theory is that the exercises you taught me have effectively relaxed my prostate so that it has shrunk enough to stop pressing on my bladder.   I also had the best sex I have ever had with my wife…  and there is no way to put a value on that… it is priceless… new worlds open up.   I could go on with smaller details, and maybe I will next time, but for now, please know that I am grateful for your being and I am happy in new and fascinating ways!”

Phillip 55, Marin Co.

“It was a great pleasure to receive your touch and to feel your loving presence throughout our session.  My session with you gave me an experience unlike any I have had before.  I have known that the body can hold emotions and I learned in our session how amazing it can be when emotions are released from a place of deep holding.  Your gentle and loving touch let my body relax in places where it is chronically tight and the release of emotion was extreme.  After our session I felt lighter, more free in my body, and relaxed to the core.  I am sure I have changed in ways that will stay with me.  I have noticed more confidence, a greater sense of knowing what I want, and a freedom of spirit in pursuit of my interests.  I am intrigued to find out what more I can experience and would love to have more sessions with you.” 

Jeff  47, East Bay

“When we met, I thought that everything about my sex life was fine – better than fine, really. I thought that it would be interesting to see what a professional Sexological Bodyworker could discover in me that would take my sex life to the next level. Well, we discovered that I actually couldn’t feel various touch and sensations – I was completely numb to micro-movements and subtle touch. Thank you for assuring me that it was more than a common issue among men. You helped me rediscover an entire range of sensations on my body and the exercises you gave me to practice on my own,  continue to expand my awareness of the most important part of my body! You took my already amazing sex life, and blew off the ceiling. I am now reaching states of pleasure that I couldn’t have known were possible. What started off as an impulse of curiosity, turned into a life-enhancing decision that has had game changing effects.”

Ben 29, San Francisco

I have seeing Robyn for about six months now. After our first meeting I felt a deep connection with her. I found that Robyn was a great listener and she made it so easy for me to relax and talk with her. Robyn made it clear that she would both guide and hold space for me in those areas of my sexuality that I had long wanted explore. She is wise, kind, and compassionate and I plan to continue working with her – she is supportive, knowledgeable, and non-judgemental.

David, Berkeley

A thank you too for Robyn Mason, an intimacy coach in the Bay Area, who suggested I inquire within on the role of mothers on their daughter’s sense of innate love-ability just as they are. Robyn and I had a “breakthrough” conversation just before the first day of Spring on how mothers can influence how a daughter can develop an empowering belief system in the face of seemingly dis-empowering events during adolescence. Through that talk I traced the origins of how heartbreaks during my younger years could be revised as pivotal growth moments instead of “knocked down” incidents that had me question my right to be loved despite all my imperfections. I’ve heard intimacy defined as “into-me-see” and critical times in my youth had caused me to conjure up “false evidence” that I didn’t deserve real love.  After our breakthrough coaching talk I was committed to reshaping my perspective to one that attracted a collaborator to prove a new belief right ~ that I need to nothing to receive and experience genuine love.

Rheba 30, East Bay

And thank you for all you do for me. The experiences are so kind, compassionate, vulnerable and intimate, each week, each experience.. and you really mean so much to me. I feel like I am healing around all kinds of abstract traumas and I am so grateful. I’m feeling more fulfilled and at peace and open to human connection. The added benefits of touch and somatic healing and love combination you offer in your practice really works wonders for me. You are a healer in an incredible profession and provide safety ….no words can express my personal gratitude. Your smile brightens peoples day – not just mine.

Karen  51, San Francisco